Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Desert Golf

On our jaunt over to Grand Junction we took our clubs and stopped and played holes at this rather unusual golf course in Delta, Colorado.

I say unusual because you are in the desert there. I think you can see the contrast. Just beyond the greens and fairways, it's like a big sandbox.

There were actually antelope grazing on the course ,which seemed to be the only grass around. Several times I was afraid I would hit them with my ball, but they seemed adapt at dodging them.

The unusual rock formation sticking out of the sand is why the course is named Devil's Thumb. Fun day.
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  1. Definitely an unique golf course.

  2. funky! they must spend a fortune on irrigation!

  3. That is a weird view the green grass with the desert behind! A unique place.

  4. It must be very expensive to maintain this golf course.


    1. Filip and Kristel,
      You know that never occurred to me. But, you are correct. It must take a lot of water to get grass that green in the desert!

      Thanks for coming to visit!