Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bear Caper

I was trying to print the last of my Home Tour maps (with an uncooperative printer), when I got a call from an excited neighbor, that there was some bear excitement going on down in town. Seems a Momma bear had treed herself out in front of Mean Jean's (she not really very mean) coffee shop...and her cubs were running all over town. I simply couldn't run down there, so I called another friend...who took these pictures. Poor momma she had gotten separated from her cubs, and this tree was the last place she had seen them;

but, those inquisitive twins were having a ball touring Lake City. Here they are strolling through the yard of the museum....where we had The Victorian Tea earlier in the week. The DOW Officer was chasing them, with a tranquilizer gun, trying to unite them with their Mom and send them back up the mountain; which meant that they would have to capture all three. From what I last heard, the score was Dow Officer 0, Bears 3.  Sorry folks, we left town right after the excitement and will have to wait to find out the outcome.. Hopefully, the three of them were united...and are back where they are supposed to be!
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  1. Oh, you MUST tell us the outcome when you find out!

  2. Hello:
    To us in Eastern Europe, with never a sign of a bear, or any wild animal come to that, this is truly amazing. We do so hope that the cubs are reunited with the mother. Oh dear, another worry!!

  3. oh, poor mama! the little scamps were having a blast, i'm sure!

  4. You have the wild life so close, poor mama must have been very worried.

  5. Poor mamma bear up a tree.. I'm sure they're all happily united and back in the woods again..I hope so anyway.