Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Town Cats

I've never owned a cat. For one reason, I am allergic. Growing up, I thought it very strange that my Mother was deathly afraid of cats. So much so, that she would faint if one came near her.(not an exaggeration) She also changed the channel, if one showed up on television. So, you would think I would dislike them...not so. I am an animal lover through and through. Just an allergic one. Our tiny mountain town seems to have two interesting cats...that don't really belong to anyone. This little yellow guy is the Mocha Moose (coffee shop) cat. Although, he is not allowed inside. He is always out in front and will snuggle up next to you if you have a seat on the log bench .. Looks like they feed him too.

Then there is the Post Office Cat. Again, no one seems to claim him, but he has a comfortable bed on top of the package bins.

Lake City does not have mail delivery. So, we must all trek down to the post office to check our p.o.. boxes. Mail comes in around noon, and everyone heads that way. Hard to get out of there without visiting with three or more people. One guy tells the story about his wife going after the mail...and she was gone  so long, that he sent out search and rescue! But, the funniest thing that ever happened, involved this innocent looking sleepy cat.The p.o. boxes are open on the mail room side of the box. Some poor unsuspecting guy bent down to make sure he had collected all of his mail...and came face to face with this kitty who had crawled into his box for a nap.. I guess he let out a  blood curdling scream! Still makes me giggle just thinking about it! :)
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  1. too funny! what a great kitty story!

  2. Hahaha! I bet the kitty got a bigger fright Janey.

  3. They both look at ease in their own public environment.

  4. It's wonderful that the community takes care of those cats by feeding and sheltering them...bravo! It's also wonderful that you have a "community well" that allows the townspeople to visit and gossip a bit. Lucky you!