Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beautyshop Appointment

One of the reasons that we drive all the way to Gunnison (60 mi)  is for me to go to the beauty shop. Tom dropped me off and was to return in two hours. Problem is, my hairdresser was ill. They had tried to call me, but, we had already gotten on the road...and there is no cell service between our two towns. Okay, I would call Tom to return and pick me  up...but Tom is famous for not keeping his cell on. My choice was to sit there  for two hours, or strike out on foot and find him. It was not an easy decision, since I had on sandals that were 80% cute 20% comfortable...and his errands were a mile away.

Not wanting to sit for so I went. Saw this darling old car along the way.

and I was surprised to see a food truck setting up...reminded me of New York City.

Don't think I had ever noticed this pretty mural on the side of the Western Clothing store,

and every corner downtown had a beautiful pot of blooming flowers.
I didn't snap a picture of The Toggery...but their sale lured me in, and I bought a blouse.
Finally found Tom at the there was a happy ending...except my feet were sore and my roots are showing! Hopfully you enjoyed the walk :).
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  1. Except for the hurting feet, it actually sounds like a nice, peaceful time. The flowers could soothe one's soul!

  2. Hello:
    One can almost bet that when one is wearing footwear which is cripplingly beautiful, one will need unexpectedly to walk in it!

    However, the vintage car was a fun thing to have come across on your travels and fortunately you found your husband without too much trouble!

    1. You know Jane & Lance...I actually hesitated when I put on those sandals...and thought ..oh well I won't be walking much!

  3. laughing at the roots. :) the cell service is frustrating! love that mural.

  4. You will be happy to know that I bought a root touch up Kit at Wal-Mart. Surely I can't goof this up?

  5. That must have been a painful walk, but you made it well done.

  6. I always find it interesting that we see so much more on foot than in a car, whizzing by. I love that mural!


  7. What a great series of images you captured on your walk Janey. I understand totally, P never answers his mobile either, so very annoying, but you sure put your time to good use.