Friday, August 3, 2012

The Rocky Mountains

My husband decided when we built this place ten years ago, in the Rocky Mountains, that our yard, and property ,would remain just that "rocky"; which is not unusual around here. We have a beautiful yard back in Texas, that we have nurtured (fed, watered and mowed) for twenty six years odd years. So, even though I am surrounded by beautiful evergreens, and the dancing leaves of Aspens...I have a yard full of ROCKS. With the exception of over the septic tank ...where it is always  green., (note the patch of thistles). Then, there are the mysterious looking Common Mullein that have sprouted up along the driveway. I was so excited by the arrival of these strange plants, that I refused to accept the fact that they have been declared a noxious weed by the state of Colorado.
Further research tells me that these plants came to our shores by way of the Puritans back in the mid 1600's .

Their leaves, that are actually fuzzy, were thought to have medicinal properties. Teas and ointments were made from these leaves in the belief that they could cure anything from rheumatism to lung disease. I think such a plant with such an impressive history demands a little respect. They have mine....and I promise I will keep their spread in check..
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  1. I am impressed by your respect for these plants and their history. I am also impressed by what looks like a terrific house in the background! What a lovely place to have for part of the year!

  2. The don't seem so noxious to me, just let it grow, your are right.