Thursday, August 30, 2012

Henson St.

Several of the streets in our little Colorado town are dirt. Henson St. for some reason, is a lot wider than the rest. I asked the locals why, and found out it was the old railroad bed. The trains finally laid track to Lake City 1889, which was very close to the end of the mining boom.The tracks followed along the South Fork of the Gunnison River from Sapinero to Lake City; turned around, at the end of this street, and started back....Service to Lake City ended in 1933.

Texas oil men discovered how cool the summer temperatures were here in the late forties and early fifties, and came in droves to fish. A lot of them had their own private planes...and decided since  they were in the wild use Henson St. as an unauthorized landing strip!

* I traveled to Sapinero to try and locate their old train station (ours burned), only to find out that the Ghost Town of Sapinero was flooded in the 1960's to build the Blue Mesa Reservoir. 


  1. Hello:
    What an intriguing story surrounding this one road. One can just imagine those early mining pioneers and the laying of endless miles of rail tracks in order to feed the industrial revolution. But, using the road as an aircraft landing strip is a scary thought.....!!

  2. sounds like what texans would do. :)

  3. Good story about this wide road and it is too bad that the train stations are gone. I hope that you do not have dodge rogue planes!


  4. I agree that using this road for airplanes is a little scary

  5. This is a lovely photo! great post.