Sunday, March 3, 2013


There was a blank wall over the sofa when we moved into the apartment on Wednesday.
A couple of days later our landlord showed up with two paintings..... this was the one she hung over the sofa. Purchased from the David Dike's collection is by Barbara Millican, a Texas artist who was born in 1929. Millican who holds a Master of Arts degree has won awards both locally and Nationally.


  1. Art on walls is an essential decorating feature in my opinion! Glad you got something attractive above the sofa. I checked the Texas bridge you mentioned on my blog today, and you're right...Twins!

  2. the first pic didn't load, but the 2nd did. i like that painting.

    1. Actually I was trying to load the same picture from Toms computer. This place still doesn't like mine. It I went at it a different way. I actually could use a tutoring lesson. Will post the second pic tomorrow . it is my favorite.

  3. I'd say that's more than fair if your landlord brings pictures to decorate your apartment.