Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Driveway

This old house we are leasing has a narrow driveway. I am having an awful time trying to back out! I was in the car as a passengar with Tom backing out, and I was carefully watching for make sure he didn't hit the house.. He was very close....and

all of a sudden I was eye to eye with this Bluejay. No zooming needed. He was being very still, hoping that I didn't see him....but he didn't fly away..
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  1. They are so beautiful, I saw them for the first time when we were in the US. I love the bright blue colour.

  2. We had one of those darn driveways when we moved into our house i n '76 but it's long gone since we immediately replaced it with a smooth concrete drive. It is difficult to maneuver in the winter, tho. Your diligent watching rewarded you with this bird!

  3. i used to have a driveway like that one on a rental house years ago. i undoubtedly would get off 'track' now and then!

  4. How fabulous Janey, a little bird landed right in front of me the other day, I was not as quick as you :)