Thursday, March 7, 2013


Probably not very exciting, but I find the doors in this old apartment we are leasing very interesting.

I was very happy to see a screen door leading onto a little Juliet balcony off of the bedroom. Screen doors remind me of my childhood...carefree times of welcomed summer breezes...a door that lets the noises of outdoors drift in.

The French doors here remind me of the home we just sold in Houston...where there were many.
The arched doorways add charm. I have always liked this look. Makes me think of California.
and these tri-fold doors are a first for me. I have never seen them before....and there are four in the apartment. When folded back on takes up very little room.

So that is the door tour :) I feel sure I will find something else I like around here. Please come again.


  1. You certainly are having fun with the features of this house. Thanks for showing me the doors!

  2. Just caught up Janey, love your new neighbourhood and apartment. Old houses with a bit of history have always fascinated me. The door 'tour' was a delight, j'adore French doors, i have them going out to my patio and love opening them wide when we have a party. Looking forward to many more posts from your new abode.

  3. you've got something of everything. LOVE the arches! wow!

  4. Door to "Juliet" balcony identical to the 2 original front doors on my 1930-built house.

  5. If you think about how different kinds of doors add certain decorative factors, the topic can be quite exciting. Whether it's to save space like those tri-fold doors or to add a dramatic flare like French doors, they add another layer of character to a home. Seeing how this apartment has different styles, I agree that they make the place look more interesting. Thanks for sharing!