Monday, March 11, 2013

The New Kitchen

One of my sisters has been remodeling her house. She took one of the bedrooms and added it to the kitchen space. Here are a few pictures. They are just starting to move back it it really not decorated yet.

They will now have a wonderful large island in the center of the room
The opposite side has my preferred way of cooking., a gas stove .

 Love all of the pull out storage. They didn't waste any space
 Easy pull out drawers in the pantry
 A spice rack where the old fold out ironing board was stored
Even drawers for wine
I can't wait to help her cook in the fabulous new kitchen!

Tom and I have been out on the search for our new home. Have looked at many in the neighborhoods that we desire. We have not ruled out building a new one. We have talked to a custom builder. It is not a bad idea, especially since we are very comfortable in the house that we are leasing.....Stay tuned.


  1. Well you have a lot of time to make a decision. Keep looking around!

  2. Your sister's kitchen looks lovely and very functional already. Looking forward to a new home sounds pretty exciting. Have fun and have a lovely week!

  3. wow! adding a whole bedroom to the kitchen space! nice!