Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Neighborhood

The old neighborhood that we are living in (temporarily), is wonderful for taking a walk.

 We went to a guitar concert at this sweet little church last night.
 Many of the homes are large and many built between 1911 and 1929
 It was a grand place to live in the early twentieth Century, before the US stock market crash in 1929
 I would have a hard time choosing my favorite. 
but this one would be high on my list, with the light colored brick and the arched windows.


  1. Do you have to choose from these houses? That would be difficult to fill them with your left furniture, ha,ha. But they are very impressive and nice to look at.I like the one with the green roofs the most.

    1. No Marianne..we are not looking at these homes to buy one. Nice thought though. If I could afford one, you are correct I wouldn't have enough furniture...nor could I afford any! That would be the end of my travels too!....Maybe I will take pictures of what we are considering.

  2. holy smokes! lovely to see them in such grand shape, still!

  3. What a sweet church. It is so pretty there. Those houses are quite impressive. I like the last one the best...a little too big though. ha! It must have an amazing kitchen.

  4. what an unbelievable neighborhood ! gorgeous photos

  5. They are all wonderful structures. I would have loved to have heard the concert!