Saturday, March 2, 2013

The University

Just down the hill from us is the beautiful campus Of TCU (Texas Christian University)

The sign says the university was founded in 1873. Which it was, but it moved around a bit. The first location was in the center of town. But, because of the Chisholm Trail (a cattle trail for moving cattle to the markets in Kansas City) ran by the campus.... unsavory businesses sprung up nearby. So, the school was moved about forty miles south of Fort Worth. They were persuaded to return to Ft. Worth in 1910 to their present location. A much nicer part of town.
There is a beautiful chapel on campus, where one of by nieces was married...and another will be married  next month. University Blvd. that disects the campus is lined with huge old Liveoak trees

   There are already flowers blooming on campus....Spring is upon us in Texas!          


  1. it looks like a pretty area - one i've not visited, myself. :)

  2. It is nice the have a university there, it makes a city more lively with young peole.

  3. Universities offer many different opportunities for education and entertainment.