Thursday, March 21, 2013

On The Road

We are on the road again. Yesterday we drove from Ft Worth, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. We thought we could make it in twelve hours ....faster than we use to drive it from Houston to Atlanta. But, it took us thirteen and a half....which is TOO long to be in the car. Here I am taking pictures of rest stops again! This one was in Mississippi. I have ever seen one of the ornamental cabbages blooming.

At the very end of the day we finally rolled down the hill. That is Atlanta in our sight. Daughter number two had dinner waiting for us. She is a wonderful cook and it made it all worth it.
Today, we are headed north on a short four hour drive to daughter number four...who is getting married on Saturday!
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  1. Exciting times. I am always amazed about the distances in your country. Here people are complaining about a three hour drive, but then you have left our country already!

  2. Wow. What a long drive that must have been. Glad you could walk in and sit down and enjoy the meal she prepared for you all.

  3. at least you made it to a very welcome spot for the night. :) i like those cabbages. haven't seen that before.

  4. I share your distaste for long drives. I dread the coming 3-day trip back to Minnesota!