Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Surprise Party

I have been out of town. Tom and I drove to Houston yesterday, which is about four hours south of here,
 to help some folks throw a surprise birthday party for a very special friend.
 The Cypress Room at the Champions Golf Club.
These guys really do know how to throw a party!
 The table was absolutely glistening

and the cake was frosted....Oh she is going to be so surprised!

and she was! Sandra was a neighbor when we lived in Houston, and she and her husband also bought a house near us in Colorado.
I am now back in Fort Worth, but tomorrow I am flying to North Carolina to spend a week with my daughter  and granddaughter (1 year old Abigail), while my son in law is in Europe on business.

 I have tried to talk Tom into keeping my blog going in my absence...but he says no.
So, I am taking a blog break. I will try and find time to visit yours in the meantime...I will return.Janey


  1. Have a good time whilst you are out of town. How do you manage to keep so slim with all of the celebrations you attend?

    1. Thank you Rosemary!
      Portion control, walking, keeping good snacks around like raw almonds and high protein yoghart, and of course keep bad snacks out of the house. At social functions I try to make good choices and keep alcohol to two glasses on wine. I did enjoy that cake, but only a half of a piece!

  2. Wow! What a beautifully frosted cake! Have fun visiting your family, Janey.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Enjoy your time with your daughter in North Carolina and have a safe flight!
    That birthday party looks awesome.

  4. Oh that cake.. that frosting!! I loooove frosting :) Sounds like a really enjoyable get together Janey. Have a wonderful break with your daughter and granddaughter, lucky you!

  5. Your birthdays are celebrated very flamboyant, that cake looks amazing. Have a nice time as grandmother!

  6. The place does look great for a party!

    Enjoy the visit!

  7. I'm sure you will have a wonderful week with your daughter and granddaughter and of course, we will still be here when you get back.