Friday, January 8, 2016

The Chair

In my post yesterday, I talked about going over to Dallas with Tom to visit friends. The guys went off to play golf...and Linda and I had a mission.
You see, in our new house we only have one living area...and I was use to two. It is nice to be able to get away from a televised football game, and watch something else on T. V., or have a comfortable place to read. We wanted so many things on the ground floor, when we built this place, that we had to settle for a rather small master bedroom. The area under that picture is the only space I have for a chair. So, the search was on. It is not easy to find a chair...and ottoman that is small enough to fit this I started looking a vintage resale shops.
I was able to find this old chair and ottoman second hand for a total of only $116.00. Although they need to be recovered.
The chair slants back just enough so that it is very comfortable....and the ottoman can be stored under the console table when not in use. Now...where to find some fabric? That is where my friend Linda comes in. She is in business....having a stall in an antique mall in Dallas, and she can get  a discount on upholstery fabric.

So, off we went to the wholesale fabric outlets. where we were successful in finding a fabric that coordinates with our bedding...and for only $8.00 a yard! Actually, we found it so quickly that we had to figure out how to fill up the remainder of the day. After all the guys were playing 18 holes! More on the day in Dallas to follow.
By the way, the photo makes the wall color in our bedroom pink. It isn't. It is a paint called Irish Creme...
and is a warm beige with a hint of yellow.


  1. Oh my goodness what a bargain and what a find Janey, I have to admit I have a weakness for chairs.. and Turkish rugs :) Can't wait to see your chair recovered!

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  3. That fabric certainly is a bargain. Can't wait to see the finished chair.

  4. There are many bolts of cloth; but it appears that it was an easy decision.

  5. Had made a comment but it will not publish grrr.
    I like your finf very much, can see you sitting and reading there.

    1. Sorry, I don't know what I meant with finf? Find I suppose, with a tablet the keyboard is so small, you make mistakes easily.

  6. What a nice comfortable looking chair - you should be very cosy with your books, and your own TV minus the football.

  7. That looks so cosy for reading and relaxing.