Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Light Fixture

We have some good friends (Linda and Bruce),over in Dallas...which is about thirty miles from here. They are also neighbors in our little mountain town in Colorado, where we all spend the summer. Tom and I went over to visit them this week. The guys were going to play golf, and Linda and I were going to look for upholstery fabric.
We arrived early, and Linda had French pastries and coffee ready in their darling kitchen nook. The light fixture was designed by Linda. Did I mention that they are also going  to France with us in April?

Why did I go all the way to Dallas to look for upholstery fabric? More about that tomorrow

UPDATE:It's Gone!
See previous blog...If I had known all I had to do was post about it. I would have done that two weeks ago!

I was standing at the kitchen island and saw out of the corner of my moving. I ran to the window, but could not see who was driving it. It was followed closely by an older blue sedan, which I figure was someone dropping them off. You cant imagine how happy we are that that truck is gone!


  1. Would they really read your blog? That would be funny. Glad for you the car has gone at last, you never know if there is a body lying in the back. Your Linda has a creative mind.

  2. Gorgeous chandelier, you have a talented friend Janey.. bet you guys will have a brilliant time in France. Yay! the truck is gone :)

  3. Linda's light fixture is unusual and creative. I am so practical. . . dusting it?

  4. Good riddance to the truck! The light fixture is eye catching!

  5. What a creative chandelier! Glad that vehicle is gone - someone was on a long vacation!

  6. Dearest Janey,
    You made me laugh, what a design for a kitchen lamp!
    So glad that the vehicle moved off. Kind of scary in a way too...