Sunday, January 10, 2016

What Kind of Soup?

Well, for the last few days I have been stretching out our visit with friends in Dallas. It really was a long day...but a super fun one. We have had coffee and  French pastries, sent the guys off to the golf course, hunted for fabric and walked around the antique mall. Whew....I think it is time for lunch. Linda took me to a restaurant she had been wanting to try. Rise is the quintessential highly rated French Bistro in a  ritzy North Dallas shopping area. A place where our last president is a regular, who, by the way, has even autographed his favorite table.
We each started out with this delicious salad
Then we shared a Cauliflower/Gruyere cheese souffle. They tried to temp us with dessert, but we just ordered a pot of French Press coffee, and had a very nice long visit. I love it when restaurants don't rush you.
Oh but I must tell you about their most popular item on their menu!

I didn't know this when we were ordering...or I would have tried it.
Marshmallow Soup!
....and no it is not on the dessert menu! This is the only place you will find this most delicious and very popular soup! Their French chef came up with it when he tried to make mini goat cheese souffles. He said to himself.."My, these look like marshmallows". The soup is really a tomato/carrot bisque with goat cheese souffles floating on top! How about that?!


  1. This all looks very tasty, I love goat cheese and a souffle I haven't eaten for ages. In my young heydays I have made a souffle myself at home. Pretty good.

  2. Sorry, Janey, but I think I'll pass on the soup. But your soufflé looks delish! And of course, the salad.

  3. I'd be more than happy with just the soufflé!

  4. Thank heavens you gave a breakdown of the soup's ingredients. Much as I love marshmallows, the thought of them in a soup just turns my stomach. You sound like you are having a great time over in Dallas.

  5. That goat cheese soup looks fantastic! (At first I was hesitant when I thought it was marshmallows!)