Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dive No. 1

Someone sent me an article about the ten best "Dive Restaurants" in Ft. Worth. Let me explain  the word dive. In this case it does not  mean dive...like diving into a swimming  pool. There is another definition for the  word dive. It could mean a dingy or disreputable place like a bar or night club. In this case an eating establishment. I normally would shy away from such places...especially to eat, but this list came highly recommended. So, on a very cold quiet Saturday afternoon. Tom and I headed on the other side of town to Charley's

where they are supposed to have one of this town's best hamburgers. Apparently they also sell firewood

It probably is a place best visited in warm weather, when you can sit outside at these picnic tables. There is a very uncomplicated system for ordering. You place your order at the little walk up window, and they yell your name when it is ready.

Brr, it was way too cold to eat outside, so we were happy to see that there was an inside. ....with a little window where you can order...just like outside.

Well, who ever wrote the article was not kidding. This was an old fashioned burger cooked on a flat top grill and it was delicious.
There is even entertainment. Elvis was supposed to be singing, but he was too busy watching the football game in the corner...men!
If you are wondering where the other customers are. Tom and I... since we have retired...don't always adhere to normal eating hours. Charley's...look for it when you are in Fort Worth!


  1. Charley was in Sara's high school class and he looked like he ate those burgers every single day. He was a great football player! I have to stay away from there. Their fries are awesome too!

  2. What a great find! Now you will have to go on a photo op for the other dives!

  3. The other term for these places is a hole in the wall, and they can be good for eating.

  4. It looks like a very small place, but when the food is good, worth to go there.