Monday, January 4, 2016


I have been guilty of showing you only the beautiful places in my town, after all I think we all love a good mansion. There are other parts of town where living is, and never was, quite so glamorous.
Why would I want to take a picture of this little boarded up house you ask? Well, I found this address on the list of endangered historical sites in Ft. Worth. A destined to be famous young man, from the age of nine, grew up in this very house. He is on the list of the 20 greatest athletes of the 20th century. Maybe you have heard of him. His name was Ben Hogan (1912-1997), and he is at the top of the list of the World Golf Hall of Fame. It is a real rags to riches story.
 Ben moved to Ft. Worth with his widowed Mother and siblings, after his father, a blacksmith in Dublin, Texas, had committed suicide. Times were tough and the kids needed to work to help support the family, so Ben sold newspapers at the train station, until he found out that he could make 65 cents an hour as a caddie.  Having dropped out of high school, he would walk the seven miles to the Glen Garden Country Club, to go to work. Wanting to the the first in line to caddie, he was known to stay over night.. sleeping on spread out newspapers. From there...the rest is history.

To read more about the incredible life of Ben Hogan go:HERE


  1. Nothing better than a success such as Hogan's. When he lived in the home, it was modest but certainly nothing to shame him or his family. Re. my post today, I shop both in the super markets and the markets where the Mexicans buy their food. I love the hustle and bustle of he Mercados but haven't been brave enough to buy my meat or chicken there. Spouse eats meat but I am not big on that for my diet so it is no sacrifice to eliminate it from our diets.

  2. A modest house to start out with for someone who went far.