Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Winter Hike

On a recent weekend, Tom and I joined my sister Polly, and her husband Mike, for a hike in a county park on the outskirts of Fort Worth. It is what many would call a nature trail.

As you can see it is a bit of a prairie, flat land with high dried grasses.

There were clumps of cacti that appeared to be ready to bloom.

Since it is rather arid in this part of Texas, there were plants that you would expect to see
and some that I had never seen before.
In the summer they have a field of bison
click on photo to enlarge

and the ever present groundhogs

There was even an occasional glimpse of the water.

 My Tom, the avid hiker, was in his element

that is until  the trail became a mud pit, which he declared was not a problem..."just jump over it".

ahhh that didn't work. He slid right in.

Mike took pity on him and tried to clean him up with a handful of weeds. Shame on me...I was too busy laughing
We walked over four miles that day...which we really didn't intend to. Got a little lost.


  1. HaHa! Sorry, Tom, for laughing, but that would be me falling in the mud. Looks like a nice place for a nature hike. Do y'all still have snakes out this time of year?

  2. I enjoyed our walk together!

  3. cute. :) you do have a tad more arid feel over there.

  4. Oh boy! Looks like a lovely area to hike in... just as long as you avoid the mud!

  5. Isn't it terrible to laugh at someone else's misfortune but I know I wouldn't be able to resist!