Saturday, January 30, 2016


We recently were invited to Houston, our old hometown, to a surprise birthday party for a friend. Since it was a of the hostesses asked us to stay with her.
We really didn't know her neighbor, but accepted her kind invitation. 
This is the entry hall to their very modern home. I am not usually a fan of modern homes, but this one was so pretty. It was very white...with accent colors here and there
.We were very pleased with our accommodations!

and the view. They, like our friend who the party was for, live on a small lake
The dining room was all set up for a New Orleans themed brunch, also for the birthday girl, scheduled for the next morning.
I guess I was most amazed by this. No, I wasn't snooping. Her husband uses part of this guest room closet as his tie closet. My husband has maybe six ties.....Anyway, I was a bit flabbergasted by this! How about you?


  1. That is a very modern design house indeed, but nice to have a look in. Those ties, good heavens what kind of man is that? My hub has only one I think, he never wears one.( My cold is still going on, I feel miserable for more than a week now).

  2. Good god, that's a lot of ties. I have a few, but only one of them could be worn to a proper occasion. I kind of like novelty ties.

  3. My husband has a lot of tie but no where near as many as that, and they are his collection across the years from when he was a young man. I don't think men wear them so much as they used to.

  4. I love modern designs. Our friend just built a modern home in the mountains. It's filled with modern art and furniture. However, it doesn't say "cozy" to me. I just liked visiting there! That's quite the tie collection! My husband only wears them now for weddings and funerals.

  5. They obviously don't have toddlers. Lol There's something beautiful and interesting about a stark and white decor, but not very warm and inviting. I would like it for a museum. Are you sure you weren't in a tie museum? Lol That's incredible, isn't it. PS I think my husband has about the same number of ties as yours does. :-))

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Any home that is white and bright I love and it looks indeed very comfortable and also easy for cleaning and living.
    Well, everyone is free to LOVE something and even if it looks like a shop or museum, it makes me smile.

  7. Beautiful home Janey but oh la! That's way too many ties for one man, how on earth does he choose :)

  8. Beautiful home Janey but oh la! That's way too many ties for one man, how on earth does he choose :)

  9. Well, that guy really like to tie one on!! Love the entrance of that spectacular-looking house.