Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm Back!

Well, sort of.
I arrived back in Texas about eleven pm on Sunday night. They couldn't get me out of Charlotte on the non stop flight, so I had to change planes along the way. That is when I realized I was getting sick. I found a shop in the airport that sold Ibuprofen in little packets. Went to pull out my wallet, and it wasn't there. Me oh my. I must have looked through my purse three times....and my carry on. Oh dear is the plane still at the gate? I ran down to see...but forgot what gate I deplaned through. So, I searched through my purse again. A light bulb went off and I put my hand in my coat pocket...and there it was! I felt relieved but rather stupid! Went back and bought the medication and continued to my next gate.

I spent yesterday in bed....after getting up to say goodbye to our guests, who had arrived in my absence. They didn't come close to me...just waved. I don't have the flu just a very bad cold, stopped up ears and laryngitis.....I will be back when I feel better....Janey


  1. Prilosec OTC...made James feel much better!

  2. I sympathize, Husband has a sore throat and sinus issues for three days now. Interesting that he gets his Rx meds here at one farmacía with no prescription but another want a prescription. Go figure, but we merely shrug our shoulders and say, "¡We're in México!

  3. I got hit by something or another around Christmas and it took a month to feel better.

  4. That would be a heart stopping moment. Keep warm and cosy.

  5. Glad you made it safe home. We both have the same illness here, having a cold with coughing and feeling miserabele. It spreads over the world probably :) . Get better soon.

  6. It is bad luck to return home with a rotten cold, stay cosy in bed, hot lemon with some whiskey and a spot of sugar helps.

  7. Dearest Janey,
    Oh, don't you hate that feeling when you search in vain for your purse. And yes, wearing some winter coats with pockets makes us not remembering where we put things...
    Glad you got home, even when being sick.
    I'm not doing well either, such excruciating back pain after having done so much (catching up on laundry, ironing, cleaning and cooking a 3-course dinner for 12 yesterday here at our home. Got lots of compliments but today I'm not up to anything and some more days I'm afraid.
    Hope you fluff back soon after som good rest and warmth.