Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Day in the Park

I had the nicest day yesterday. I spent the whole day with my friends Linda and Betty. They live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area in the winter, like I do, and also in Colorado in the summer. So we play all year!
We spent the morning in the beautiful Dallas Arboretum
The tulips were no longer blooming, but the Azaleas and several other colorful plants were.
Sorry that I didn't note the name of this scrub, but it sure caught my eye
So did this colorful row of blooms
Meet my friends. Linda in the center and Betty on the right.
It was very warm yesterday...over 80's degrees, but we were dressed for it.

I have many more to show you, but I wanted to bring you up to date on Ernie's Camino walk. Ernie is a friend who is walking the Camino de Santiago for a charity selected by his Rotary club.
Ernie and Margaret were transported, by their tour company Fresco Tours by van from Madrid  to the Spanish town of Leon where they were to begin their hike. Morning dawned and it was a very cool start, somewhere in the mid 30"F. The photo above shows the Iron cross where pilgrims leave a stone before their journey
Margaret walked for awhile, but has no intentions of walking the entire trail like Ernie. He said to note the hills ahead of him. He said you greet the other pilgrims with the greeting Buen Camino.
Overnight was in the village of El Acebo. Ernie took this on his cell phone as he began his walk this morning. Margaret is to write a more detailed account of his journey but is having wlfi difficulties.

A side note on Ernie: A few years ago Ernie ( who is an avid biker), was biking near his Texas town of San
 Angelo on the shoulder of the road, and was run over by a little elderly lady who couldn't see well, and drove only on the shoulder of the road. Ernie was in intensive care for a long time and his recovery has been remarkable.....More tomorrow....Janey


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  2. The Arboretum is one of my favorite places to take pictures. I haven't been in a couple of years but seeing your beautiful photos makes me want to plan a trip very soon!

  3. What a beautiful area to wander through, Janey!

  4. The arboretum sounds the perfect place for a wander with friends. Seeing the photos of the walk has made my feet start to itch!

  5. What a wonderful day with two close friends and so much flowers there in de park.

  6. The colours of the plants and the landscape is absolutely beautiful!