Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ladies To The Rescue

I have been suffering from vacation anticipation (previous blogs), so I will come back down to earth.
That is exactly what this medical helicopter did, as we were driving past the hospital yesterday.
We hung around long enough to watch  the crew get out, and I was surprised (and a bit proud), to see that they were all women, including the pilot.
She sat that thing down with expert ease over the little fence, and onto the middle of the pad.
Speaking of fences

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  1. A good perch for a helicopter. Our hospitals also have these helipads, so it's common to see helicopters coming or going in the skies.

  2. Great shot of the helicopter behind it's fencing. This is such an important job. We have 2 different life-flight units here where I live.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Glad you caught them in action and yes, we all can feel proud of what our sisters accomplish at times!

  4. Power to the women, nice to see a helicopter, I had the same idea today :)

  5. A great post to show there is equality out there. Although we should not be surprised that it was an all female crew.