Saturday, April 16, 2016

Do You Swim?

You know, I took it for granted that all adults knew how to swim. So, I was surprised when a friend told me  that she didn't. She said she grew up in a very small town, and there was no swimming pool.
Stealing a blog idea from my friend Marianne over at, who posted the pool where she learned to swim. I decided to show you the pool where I learned to swim. My town was only around 30,000 inhabitants, but we had this wonderful municipal pool.

As adults, we teased our Mother, who always had a job outside the home, that she signed us up for every free event that went on in the summertime;and swimming lessons was on that list. We also lost count of the Bible Schools we attended....which all served the same watery Kool- Aid and sugar cookies, but that's another story.

Anyway, this pool looked enormous when I was small..and I guess it would today, but it is no longer there. For some reason is was filled in. There is probably a newer one somewhere else in town, but surely it couldn't be this grand. I know the picture is old and fuzzy...but there was what they called the beach on the far side. A huge sand pit where you could build a castle...but in order to get back in the pool, you had to pass through a shower to get the sand off.

It is a wonder that my sisters and I don't have skin cancer ....since spent hours upon hours in this pool in the days before sunscreen.
Tell me, do you swim, and where did you learn?


  1. Yes, I swim. I learned how to swim in my cousins pool. I would spend time with them during summers. But, not long after, we would go down to the river to swim. And I can certainly relate to Bible School. I think that watery Kool-Aid was a national bible school drink. And our cookies were those shaped like flowers with a hole in the middle.

  2. Don't swim but made sure that my children and grandkids all have had lessons.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me. That is a nice open air swimming pool where you learned to swim. We don't have many of them in the Netherlands because of the weather.I am not a great swimmer, I don't like those chlorine pools we have here.

  4. I swam every day of my childhood from about age 9 on, going by myself to the community pool and meeting girlfriends there. My Mom also worked, and it was daycare for me, I guess. Now, I don't swim in pools because of my allergy to formaldehyde (which may be in the pool chemicals). However, I like watching grandchildren swim.

  5. My cousin, who worked as a lifeguard at the time, taught me how to swim in the backyard pool at my aunt and uncle's place. These days I swim five or six days a week. The campus pool's a big one, and my place is a five minute walk from the athletic complex.

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