Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Chef

No, I am not a chef....but I enjoy pretending to be one,
especially on my favorite type of vacation. Here, I am in a house we rented in Bargemon in the south of France, which is a delightful little village. I enjoyed shopping the small markets, and cooking dinner at night. You know, playing like I was a local,
and here I am in Sovicille, Italy ( Tuscany). We actually rented a castle with seven other couples.. I was the only one who wanted to cook...and I did so a couple of nights. Notice the tile...can you tell the kitchen hadn't been renovated since the 1960's.

My idea of the perfect vacation is renting a house or an apartment (oh heck a castle will do), sightseeing all day, have a nice lunch out, come "home" and prepare a simple dinner, write in my journal (or blog!), plan the next day's itinerary, and then turn in early with a good book (whew). I have lost count of all of the places where we have done this...and I don't want to bore you with that list, after all there is nothing worse than being held captive looking at someones old vacation pictures.
What is your dream vacation? Would you rather be pampered  at a five star resort and shop, or maybe lie on a beach and do nothing?. There is certainly no right or wrong vacation.....but I guess, we would not be good traveling companions!
If my idea sounds like I ever have an apartment for you!
You can play like you are Hadley Hemingway!

Not meant as an Advertisement

 Yep, this one bedroom flat, complete with a petite kitchen is one floor below where Hadley and her ever so famous husband Ernst Hemingway lived on Cardinal Lemoine in the 5e in Paris. It was a working class neighborhood back then, not only was there was no hot water, but you had to share a bath down the hall. Don't worry it has been brought up to date. Reports are that Hadley was very happy here...that is until Ernest met...Pauline.....

You can see the rest of the apartment :  Here 


  1. I can see you are in a holiday mood!

  2. We had a contact in that neighbourhood who owned a wonderful two bedroom flat that was a dream to rent and to use, which we did many times. . .until they sold it a number of years ago. I still feel great sadness that they had to sell because of health issues after many happy years of owning and spending part of the year in Paris. I am also sad that we lost that contact. I know that you will have a wonderful trip. Enjoy! Have a crepe or two for me and lots of wine!!

  3. Must have been nice. Sorry they had to sell. We have stayed in two little hotels in that area. Luxemberg Parc and Hotel Henry IV. Both have been remodeled since and the prices reflect it. I will drink your share of wine and Tom's too...He doesn't drink. We both love creeps. Au Revoir

    1. Surely my Ipad changed that word crepes to creeps! :(

  4. Janey, I can see you're getting excited for your trip! The way you go about your days when traveling is similar to ours. Usually, we go on an active vacation, so we bike or hike during the day. For a week this summer, we rented 2 houses at the beach in CA where we'll spend time with family. However, I've already announced that I'm not cooking for the crew!

  5. Isn't it interesting to hear about other people's ideal holiday. I love the freedom of travelling alone although often I go with a friend. It has to be somewhere new to explore that gets me excited.

  6. I think it would be easier to say what kind of vacation I wouldn't go for- sun and sand in some tropical paradise. I'd be bored out of my mind. I'd rather be travelling in Europe, maybe climbing in the Alps...