Thursday, April 7, 2016

Back to the Garden

You will find many different types of ponds in the Arboretum in Dallas, and the whole park borders White Rock Lake.
At the present time, all of the Azaleas are in bloom. I am very familiar with these, having moved here from Houston where they flourish, sometimes all year.
It was no real surprise to find Monet striking a pose.
Maybe he was in awe of these Japanese trees
which we thought made a nice backdrop.

Meanwhile back to the Camino
After a restful sleep in the mountain town of Villafranco del Bierzo, Spain. The group was transported to today's starting point O Cebreiro, and found out that their destination, Treacastela was 20 kilometers away. The first three km were moderately level, so Margaret walked along. After that Ernie continued on alone (with other group members) . Margaret opting to meet them down (up) the road. Ernie negotiated snow, inclines, muddy trails and dropping temperatures.
but he had an unexpected guide. This German Shepard appeared out of nowhere, and stayed with him the entire day.
He seemed to know the way, and beckoned Ernie to follow.
to be continued


  1. Didn't think there would still be so much snow around. I am thoroughly enjoying the walk. Thank you so much for relaying the photos and commentary.

  2. Ernie is making good progress - it will be a memorable trip for him

  3. Vivd colors on the trees and shrubs are great to see.