Monday, April 18, 2016

No Wonder

I am not trying to start an International debate here.....but have you ever noticed when you go into a rather nice French Restaurant in Paris for example, they usher you to the basement? I have read that restaurants of a certain Michelin rating do not want to be labeled as a tourist restaurant. :(
We usually  dine at small bistros, sidewalk cafes and pizza (joints), on vacation, and save the last night for what we call a fancy dinner.

 I ran across this picture looking at old travel albums. It was taken in 1990 on my second trip to Paris. No wonder they put us in the basement. Look at that sweater! What was I thinking?! Let's see, there are racing flags, wreckers and taxi's on it. My wardrobe selections thankfully have gotten a little bit more conservative over the years.I have noticed that the French women are usually in basic black.
This was breakfast, by the way, and yes that really is me. My hair instead of turning grey....amazingly turned blond ;)


  1. Well that cardigan is very special, I had to have a better look when you mentioned taxi's. Intriguing, did you knitted it yourself?:)

  2. Paris has changed much since the 1990s - I have found that generally speaking they are more enlightened, accepting, and welcoming to their overseas visitors.
    The world has become a smaller place.

  3. Even dining in the basement in France is worth it.

  4. I hope you didn't throw that sweater away - it's a classic. You could wear it with a pair of classy black pants on your upcoming trip. Sometimes when I look at old photos of myself I can't believe what I see. Who was that gal with the huge owl-eye glasses and permed hair? Maybe we were better then - now I just take a lot of black and beige to mix and match (boring...). Red, by the way is my favorite color, but I never wear it.

  5. Never a good idea to compare old photo fashions with what we are wearing today but it offers some amusement!

  6. Dearest Janey,
    That is a happy and younger version of you both!
    Fond memories...