Saturday, April 2, 2016


Okay, how do I explain the state capitol of Texas without offending it's residents? Back in 2000 a slogan was unofficially adopted to explain Austin. It simply states Keep Austin Weird.
Maybe some to the signs along Burnet St.(pronounced Burn et), will help me explain my point. This town is partially made up of what you really can't call hippies...Yes these folks are laid back...but mind you not lazy...professionals who are a bit on the liberal side.
The Austin Independent Business Alliance ran with this slogan. Keep Austin an attempt to promote and encourage small local businesses, and keep out what we refer to as the big box stores.
All over town you do see a plethora of small, independently owned businesses, some in re purposed buildings, 
with eye catching signs

Many of the food establishments started out in food trucks
and now have an official address.
At their recent event South by Southwest...which is now world renowned ...President Obama stopped his motorcade at Torchy Taco's for lunch...which started in Austin..yes,
in a food truck. 
So, I had to laugh recently, when I was researching this airplane on a stick, out in front of a now abandoned business in Fort Worth, TX. A gentleman who was opposed to it's installation stated " Good grief, this is not Austin".

This simply has been  my attempt at describing Austin's slogan. Please don't get the wrong idea. This very desirable city in 2015 was second only to Houston on the list of the U.S's. fastest growing towns. It is a thriving city made up of all kinds of people, and home to major corporations in the tech, real estate and health care industries.
I highly recommend that you visit Austin, Texas and discover it's indisputable charm for yourself.


  1. i think their slogan is brilliant and their culture is unique. :)

  2. Great advertising 'branding' for these businesses.

  3. Have watched Austin City Limits for years; if that is weird, I approve.

  4. Weird can be good Janey :) it seems Austin has the right balance!

  5. Weird can be good Janey :) it seems Austin has the right balance!

  6. Odd, yes, but considering the purposes, a good idea. Big box stores are a pestilence.

  7. I'm still stuck on "Hey Cupcake!"

  8. I do understand what you mean by "weird" now very good. You showed some great examples!