Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Are They Doing?

I noticed the other day some workmen out in front of our house
For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what they were doing?
Looked like they are drilling a hole to I went out to ask.
Seems they were installing this. No, it is not a stop sign. It is a warning that there is a newly installed stop sign at the corner down the way. Come on guys, does it have to be right in front of my house? You see the city has an easement at the front of your property, and I guess I have no say. I asked them if I could decorate it with lights at Christmas. Did get a laugh out of them.
See, there is the stop sign. They even put orange flags on it, so you can't miss it. Maybe when it is no longer "new" they will remove the warning sign in front of my house. What ya think?
Which reminds me of the little town that we live in in the mountains in the summer. We use to have a stop sign at the bottom of our hill. One day it was missing. Tom inquired at the city office to see if it had been stolen. Seems they needed one somewhere else, and couldn't afford they took ours. We really really do live in a small town in the summer :)

How are Ernie and Margaret on their Camino walk across northern Spain?

Well, the rain and cold in the forecast  turned out to be true. They reported that it was not a fun hike.

The only bright spot was their lodging for the night. The Rectoral de Lestedo was originally a rectory (priest's house) . Ernie and Margaret sat in the glass sun room with their feet propped up drinking a glass of local wine and listening to music from Bob Dylan


  1. Not fun to walk through rain. I imagine it's likely that the sign may well be temporary.

  2. The warning sign certainly does seem to be redundant. I love the updates on your friends' walk. Drinking wine and listening to Dylan (he's one of our guys, you know!) seems like a good way to ends rainy day.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    One at times does wonder if we really NEED such things... what is the purpose of it?
    Sending you hugs,

  4. This is so stupid, to place a sign for warning a next sign! Someone of the community must have been bored and ordered this. That camino has often very bad weather indeed....