Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Walk

The brother of a very good friend of ours, is starting out today, in Spain, on the last 100 km of the El Camino Santiago' or the Way of St. James, which has been a Christian pilgrimage for over 1,000 years. Tom and I have always been interested in this walk, and will receive daily updates from Ernie's wife Margaret..
 Ernie, who is a Physician in San Angelo, Texas is walking to raise funds for his Rotary Club in support of a girls orphanage in Mexico, that is in need of a vocational program. Ernie is funding his own walk, so all funds raised by the Rotary Club will go in full to the charity.

I became interested in the walk  several years ago after reading academy award winning actress Shirley MacLaine's book on her Camino journey. Ms. MacLaine, who was at the time in her sixties, walked the entire route, starting France, 20 miles a day totaling 478miles to the Cathedral  Santiago de Compostela on Spain's Atlantic coast.

I will continue with my regular (if not a bit irregular), posts adding an update about Ernie's journey.

Have you walked the Camino, or is it on your bucket list? If it is maybe we can get a group together?

If you are inclined to donate to this worthy cause, you may do so by going:: Here


  1. Yes, I read the book too and other stories of Dutch people as well. Also seen documenteries, but I don't think I will manage the walk anymore, maybe some years ago I should have.

  2. I have a good friend who walked the entire distance from France through Spain. She and her husband did it in 2 segments and have fabulous photos. Good Luck to Ernie!

  3. I'm so glad you are going to keep us in touch with the walk and be able to follow your friend's progress.

  4. I have not walked the St. James trail to Santiago de Compostela but have been there and was in the Cathedral for the Palm Sunday service a few years ago.

  5. I hope that he has a safe and successful journey. Glad you publicised his wali!

  6. Very good Pictures. So beautiful