Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Could It Be?

On the same trip( see yesterday's post), back in 1990 we took the train up to Belgium to Brugge, my favorite little town, and then renting a car we drove to The Netherlands.
This shot was in Amsterdam (or was it Brugge). The reason I have a funny look in my eye...is I was freezing, even though it was March. So, why am I posting this picture? Because at first when I saw it, I thought for a moment that the couple behind me could be Marianne and S.C. who both write blogs from Amsterdam. Surely not. Marianne you don't have any old ( like 26 yr. old), white boots do you?


  1. We'll have to wait and see... what are the odds?

  2. Ha,ha no these are not us, no white boots for me and SC never had such a blue jacket! You look very styliish Janey, straight come from Paris I can see. You are in Amsterdam indeed at the Central Station square.

  3. Ah, too bad to wasn't an amazing coincidence! It is a great picture.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    What a lovely photo of you!