Sunday, October 16, 2016


I was complaining the other day, because it is Fall and the temps don't reflect it. A cold front will make it here to north Texas, and you will say "ahh...finally". Then darn it, it warms right back up.

I did see these berries on my walk, hanging from a Pyracantha bush and it gave me hope. 
How is your weather.....does it feel like the season it is supposed to be?


  1. my oak trees and a few other scrub trees are starting to show tinges of color, so i know they feel it is autumn. but yes, the warmth and humidity make it hard to feel it as humans. :)

  2. We have returned to summer temperatures again today 18 C, we sat on a rerrace with a milkshake! It is a strange autumn, tomorrow back to col 12 C!

  3. Very pretty colours!

    We have relatively seasonal temperatures here today, and off and on rain.

  4. It's been so gorgeous here Janey. I hate to rub it in, but it's cool and sunny perfection. Snow is due this week though. All the leaves at our house have fallen. Pretty berries!

  5. Our weather is right-on-target with colourful and falling leaves with warm, sunny days full of sunshine.