Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Mission on the River

When you go to San Antonio you simply must visit the Alamo. It by the way, is listed as the Number 1 tourist attraction in the state.
Built in 1744 when Texas was under Spanish rule. It's purpose was to have a place to educate the Native Americans, and was then called San Antonio de Valero.
 Mexico, who was also under Spanish rule, got it's independence in 1821, hence Texas became part of Mexico. Not long after that the Texians,as they were called, used it as a fort. This fort was pivotal in the Texians battle with Mexico for their Independence. Although, they lost that battle and the men within were all killed. Enough about Texas History.
 It is a very visited place, if for nothing else... it is a great photo op.
Another place high on the list of tourist attractions is the San Antonio River Walk. It is hard to describe.So if you are ever in southern Texas,don't miss it.
There is a huge exciting venue one story below street level on the banks of the San Antonio River, with restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, etc, etc.
They even have boat rides,and dinner boats as well. You can read about it: HERE
 Why you might even find a wedding going on. Did we go on a boat ride?
Of course we did, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and the whole weekend as well!.


  1. I would never have imagined that there was such an attractive c18th Spanish architectural building or that lovely meandering river located in Texas - it looks as if you all had a great day out.

  2. I didn't know about that history about Texas and Mexico, so you learned me something interesting story.

  3. san antonio is a really neat place to visit.

  4. San Antonio is definitely a place I'd love to visit. Beautiful shots!

  5. What a great place to visit. Lots to see.

  6. Our visit to SanAntonio during one school break was memorable, in many different ways. I loved the Alamo and the River Walk. . outstanding. However, I did not like the really, really bad case of food poisoning I got; worse than any I have ever had in my entire life. Got it at a restaurant our B&B forgot to remove from their recommended restaurant list. Didn't dim my memory of the good parts of the trip, tho.