Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oh No

I guess I am going to sound like the neighborhood crusader, but  again I was on my morning walk 
when I passed this well cared for old home. Love the front door, wide porch, paint job and beautiful landscaping....not to mention the tasteful Fall decorations,
and then I saw it! Can't be! Is this destined for the wrecking ball?I hope not...I will keep you informed. On a happier note.
I passed by the little house that had the large equipment parked on the side. Well, the equipment is missing and the house is still standing. Looks promising.
*Someone just reminded me that an old home was torn down to build my new house. Well, at least I didn't have to see it. (does that count?) We simply purchased a vacant lot.


  1. Houses come and go, as people do...

  2. That appears to be rather reckless to demolish such a pretty and attractive looking house.

  3. Tearing down older houses and building new ones seems to be a pattern all over. I was slightly amused at the sign that advertised the company as "Midwest"-- must mean something different than my definition of the word.

  4. One wonders if there's something wrong in the interior though. There's a property for sale here that's marked Lot Only. The house itself appears unremarkable, but not lived in.

  5. It seems such a waste to knock it down to build another one.