Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Has It Really Been That Long?

Someone reminded me the other day that it has been fourteen years since my sisters and I helped restore the Conner Cemetery in Mississippi.It all began actually sixteen years ago, when I talked my husband into helping me find the location of my ancestors plantation in northern Mississippi. I won't go into the whole story, as some of you remember me blogging about it.
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What we did find was the small family cemetery that was on the plantation. I was heartsick though at it's condition. After returning to Texas, I couldn't get this picture out of my mind. The next day began a long two year effort to restore the cemetery, helped by two of my sisters and two very distant cousins that I  found online.
Fast forward.... Upon completion, it looked like this. You see, we sent out letters requesting donations, to every relative we knew, and a lot we didn't know....the later taking a bit of research. Several that we contacted denied they were kinfolks, but I conveniently had in my possession.. the family tree. 
Sadly, our donations fell short, so there was not enough money for the restoration. Although, the local chapter of The Sons of  Confederate Veterans got wind of what we were doing, and also discovered that one of their heroes, from the Civil War, was buried right there in our cemetery. I can document every single grave, all family members, but that guy is still a mystery. No one could figure out our connection to him, and why he was buried there. Didn't matter, he became our ace in the hole. The Sons of Confederate Veterans took on our project and raised money among themselves, to restore the entire cemetery. 
They even brought Civil War muskets to the dedication and fired them in salute.

So what did we do with the money we raised? We had the cemetery declared a Mississippi Historical Site. You see, you not only have to provide page after page of documentation, but must pay for the sign yourself. At that time the fee was $1,400.00

So, if ever find yourself in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Go to the public library and ask directions to our cemetery. It is a ways north of town, on a hill shaded by tall trees, surrounded by this barbed wire fence...and hopefully it is still in decent shape. 

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  1. that's a neat effort - and a success story, to boot! loved how the 'stranger' helped your efforts. :)

  2. oh wow, i loved this post! being into my own family genealogy this was very interesting to me!

  3. That is a nice story with a long breath but finally a happy end. Compliments for your efforts tenacity!

  4. Bravo and well done for everyone.

    There's a Union veteran, a Canadian, buried in a cemetery near where my parents used to live.

  5. I really admire what you have done. As a genealogist, we all need as much help with finding our loved ones and what you have done is above and beyond what most people would do. Congrats!

  6. Dearest Janey,
    WOW, that is quite an achievement all together with lots of help too.
    Too bad that you never could trace the Confederate soldier's connection. Would make the story complete.
    Both of us LOVE history and this was quite a worthwhile cause.
    Sending you hugs,

  7. Wow what a project you took on. It looks great and it's wonderful to have this piece of history preserved.