Saturday, October 22, 2016

That Darn Lace Again

Some of you may remember last year when I posted  about making the small lace curtain for a window in a guest bathroom upstairs.
It wasn't a lot of lace....but my husband did not like my choice of fabrics. He really doesn't like lace. I knew this because when we were decorating our log house in the mountains, I mentioned buying some lace curtains for the bedroom. He said lace was for old ladies....and no he didn't want to look at lace in the bedroom. I conceded there, but not on the small upstairs window....where he never goes in this house.
Well, here we go again. I am betting that you can't even see it.  We have double sinks in our master bath, and little loops holding a hand towel by each sink. Look closely and you can see on the edge of the towel is a small amount of crocheted cotton lace.
I put the towel on a dark surface so you can see. The lace is not very big...and I don't think it looks like an old ladies towel (which by the way, I am)...
but every time he uses it...he turns it inside out and hangs it like this,(I know you are amazed that a man actually hung the towel back up). He hasn't said a word so far...and I am not even sure he is doing it on purpose...but I am getting the message.. this man REALLY does not like lace!....


  1. He must have a lace phobia!

  2. Lol!!! Love it! Give him his own towel, but keep the lace ones for yourself. I like them....doesn't look old lady to me.