Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Convertible

We have had  cool front arrive here in north Texas  this weekend,
and it is perfect weather to put your convertible top down. I spotted this cherry red mustang parked at a bakery where Tom and I go for coffee (and to split an amazing cinnamon roll).
 I always think of my youngest daughter when I see a convertible. She commented, when she was about five years old, that she wanted one of those cars with the lid off.
It also brought back another memory. I too had a Mustang. It was the first new car I ever purchased (all by myself). It was a 1967 Mustang GT Aspen Gold.
This is a better picture that I found online. I by the way would never buy such a car these days. Especially not a two door. This model was a stick shift with wide tires and it was probably more than I could handle. What was I thinking?

Do you remember your first car ?


  1. i've never had a convertible (well, my husband did). but i still drive a stick-shift. :)

  2. You must have looked the coolest girl in town with that car.

  3. The first car we had after we got married (I didn't ever own one myself), was a Jaguar xke 2 seater in butter yellow. We had to sell it when I got pregnant with the twins because I couldn't fit inside!

  4. Cool Janey,driving in your own car. I have never had a car, even no driverslicense :)

  5. Dearest Janey,
    That was quite an achievement for having bought this all on your own!
    Well, times have changed and that is obvious in design and everything. I too have all my life driven a shift stick, still my 19-year old cute RAV4 has a shift stick, and we both enjoy our automatic transmission!
    No convertible, both of us never...
    Fond memories!