Monday, October 24, 2016

The Continuing Celebration

Even though my birthday was a month ago, the celebration continues. I have been away for a few days in San Antonio. My two daughters planned a trip to a resort to celebrate my birthday, but we couldn't all get away until this past weekend.
The Marriott Resort sits several miles north of San Antonio, Texas in what we call the hill country.
It is an enormous place with over 1,000 guest rooms
It also has numerous swimming pools and water slides
and every amenity you could think of including a championship golf course, and some you wouldn't think several fire pits.
There was even a resort cat that we referred to as the black panther...who followed us on walks..
One of the pools even has a sandy beach (yes those are my toes).
which my granddaughter Abigail, from North Carolina....loved.
It was so much fun to watch Abigail and Hannah (from Austin) getting to know each other.

For little Abigail, I think it was love at first sight.
The most popular amenity at the resort by far, is the The Lazy River. You see, you sit in an inner tube and the river gently pulls you along,
as so expertly demonstrated by hubby Tom.
We sure did have a grand time!

Oh of course we did go into town to see The Alamo and The San Antonio River....
to be continued.


  1. It looks like you had a blast. The black panther's a sweetie!

  2. how sweet are those girls! what a nice family trip!

  3. That looks like a nice birthday present. The kids have grown up so fast and look very cute together.

  4. What a fantastic birthday celebration ! The best part for me is meeting those two sweet granddaughters of yours!

  5. Those granddaughters are precious, Janie. Looks like a good time!