Monday, October 3, 2016

Ribbet, ribbet

One of the guests we have had since we have been back in Texas is
a very special Princess. My granddaughter.... four year old Hannah. I was never very good at action shots, but it is hard to mess up that face. We have done a lot of fun things while she was here. Water coloring, The Children's Museum, a couple of playgrounds, helping me cook...and not to mention a lot of reading.
I think the most exciting thing though, was attending a live performance of the Broadway hit Frog and Toad with Hannah's little cousin Jack
I was amazed at how these these two and four year olds behaved.
They were mesmerized by the performance. Helped along by the fact that my sister Polly had gotten us front.row seats. I don't know about you, but I am enjoying experiencing life through the eyes of a little one.


  1. Oh they look so cute in their best clothes. Frog and Toad is very popular here too, in the public library where I worked children always wanted those books (Kikker en Pad in dutch).

  2. Little theater goers! Our Sam just turned 4 - a magical age.

  3. Very cute!

    And the spammer can't take a hint.

  4. Yes, Hannah is wonderful but she has a special privilege of having you as a grandmother. Lucky child!