Friday, October 21, 2016

Next Door

I blogged recently about the Monet exhibit at the Kimbell here in Ft. Worth.
Well, their neighbor next door is the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth. The large statue out in front is the work of Brian Donnelly, better know to the modern art world as KAWS. His amazing exhibit of over 100 works encompassing art, sculpture, street art and toys will be on display from now until Jan.22 and then moves to Shanghai. To learn more about this talented artist you can read Wikipeda's biography: HERE


  1. Good to have culture on your doorstep. I am not familiar with this artist's work but do love the work of Monet. Saw a lot of his work whilst in Paris a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I remember seeing this art by KAWS in Amsterdam at the the open air sculpture festival. Then they were black huge figures.