Monday, April 1, 2013


Maybe I should call this blog..The Rest Stop Review. That's right...we are on the road again. Why the Buffalo sculpture? Well, we are at a rest stop on our way to Houston...and we are just north of the central Texas town of Buffalo ....where Buffalo ran in large herds  in the mid 1800's.

There was a peaceful little pond between the building and the highway...making a very nice buffer.

My favorite thing was the plaque identifying trees and plants that you might see along the highway. It's been a nice drive. Not too many folks on the road on this early Easter morning. Oh the lower right corner of the plaque has a picture of our state flower..the bluebonnet, and they are in bloom. I will try and get a picture of some on the trip back to Ft. Worth.


  1. really like the sculpture! i don't mind you showing us rest stops at all! you find some really cool art!

  2. You lead a nomadic life, but that is good for your blog and for us to watch the different places.

  3. Either a nomad or a gypsy?