Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I hope that I am not offending anyone. I know in some shouldn't show your foot...

Guess it is the best way to say "Blogger Down"

I have had to have foot surgery, for some crazy diagnosis of under-lapping fifth toe. The correction involves taking a section of bone out of your little toe....
I should have lined up blogs that I could post...but we have been slightly busy around here. Two weddings, a driving  trip  to North Carolina...and then Houston...not to mention trying to find a place to live. Oh dear I sound like I am whining...I will be back! Please come again...Janey


  1. oh, no! not at all what you needed right now! maybe it is a blessing you'll be building a home instead of moving into one soon!

  2. ohla la !! it sounds painful. get back on your feet quickly! best wishes

  3. Oh Janey, that sounds bad and painful. The two of you are busy to care for each other I think. Has Tom recovered of his implants already? Don't bother about your blog, I will look anyway. Stay safe and keep your time to be on your feet again.

  4. At least your toes look nice. When I broke my foot I had had a pedicure to day before. Thank goodness. Happy healing.

  5. Thanks everyone. The third day was the worst. Tired of keeping my foot elevated .
    Tom is still on the mend...but doing much better.
    The news is so sad. Boston is in my prayers. We can't complain compared to that sorrow.

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  7. Janey, I know from friends' experiences that this kind of surgery is not a walk in the park. Hope that the pain is slowly disappearing and that you are on the mend. Incidentally, nice pedicure!