Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Going Away Party

We are in Houston for my Tom to have some scheduled dental surgery. When my friends heard we were coming. They sent out invitations so that they could give me a proper going away party.

I was surprised at the number of friends that turned out! I will miss these gals dearly and am not sure how I can ever replace them.

What is that saying? Make new friends, but keep the old., one is silver, the other gold.


  1. you are a very lucky girl to have so many dear friends!
    something to treasure!

  2. so sweet! they must miss you terribly...

  3. That looks fabulous, all home made by the friends? You will miss them.

    1. Yes, it was all home made...but by only one of those gals. She is amazing!.....and everything was delicious!

  4. A lovely bevy of beauties. Elegant table setting.

  5. Oh my what a spread Janey, these are lifelong friends indeed, and new ones to come..lucky you..