Monday, April 8, 2013

The Other Yard

The last night we stayed in Houston, we moved over to stay with Sandra and Ron. Sandra is the one who hosted the belated going away party for me that I posted on Tuesday. They have what we call in Texas an upside down house. Their living area, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom are on the second floor of the home...usually built that way to take in a view.
The pretty New Orleans style porch

The path leading to the dock

The peaceful little lake

and their own little paddle boat...


  1. This looks like a private park. How wonderful to live in such beautiful surroundings!

  2. Wow, why did you leave Houston I wonder?
    I know yoy explained it to us.

  3. wow! another gorgeous, gorgeous place! does it make you just want to move back? :)

  4. That's quite a view Janey, there are quite a few homes designed like this along the coast, for the same reason.