Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ride a Bike

Ft Worth seems to be a bike friendly town. I would prefer the jogging trails along the Trinity River, where bikes are also welcome, instead of on the city streets....where a lot of the locals seem to drive large pickup trucks!

Several U.S. City are putting in bike rental stations. Ft. Worth had 30 stations now.(thourghout downtown, the culture district and near the university) The first 30 min are free...They lease for $8 for 24 hrs. $20 for 7days $30 for a month or you can buy a yearly membership for $80. I am not sure if they have caught on. I noticed when I was in Paris, France that a similar system had really caught on.... and the locals were riding them to work. Would be nice if it caught on here.
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  1. Great to see the bikes. It is so much nicer to use than a car, try one!

  2. i think it's neat, but like you, i don't like mixing bikes with traffic!

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  4. That is a very good trand that you can rent bicylces at an automatic stand.


  5. It's nice to ride a bike in a safe and quiet area. Our rental bikes in this city are green but those red ones look a bit more jaunty!