Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Backyard

We stayed with dear friends in Houston this week. Jenna and Phil have such a pretty backyard.
It's a place where you just want to sit and relax. Unfortunately, the weather  was stormy...and turned cool while we were there.

Jenna loves the sound of a they installed one

There's large piece of Cyprus displayed like a sculpture in the garden

another hanging on a wall like art.
Makes me think of the quote....Your home is your castle...I can tell you they certainly treated us royally.
Thank you Jenna and Phil!
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  1. What a beautiful backyard! I love the sound of calming.
    Glad you were treated like royalty. That is always nice!

  2. That looks a great place to sit outside, pity the weather was not so good.

  3. The driftwood reminds me of an old friend in British Columbia who strolled the beaches looking for that perfect piece for his next wood carving.

  4. Had to smile about your reference to royalty and as I recall your post from yesterday, could this be a reference to "the Princess and the Pea?"

  5. I must say that they have a nice garden.


  6. oh, my! that is a 'house and garden' layout if i ever saw one! just gorgeous!

  7. Janey, I do believe the beautiful trees you are seeing in Fort Worth are ornamental Japanese maples.

  8. What an awesome backyard! We just built a big stone fire pit in ours. It's great to have something out back that we can use to entertain- and keep warm when it's chilly outside :)