Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Bowl

This rather large pottery bowl sits in the living room of our friend's home with artificial pears in it. Jenna actually bought this in a little mountain town in Colorado. Her husband reminded her that they had arrived by plane and there was NO WAY to take it home. The little town was very small and it was not the type of store that would ship things to you. She wanted it desperately and asked if I could bring it to her when we drove back to Texas at the end of the summer? Well, the end of the summer for us that year wasn't until October...but deliver it we did....I smile every time I see it in her Houston home.
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  1. Good friends and good deeds. . . what could be better. The bowl reminds me a little bit of Mexican pottery.

  2. THAT is worth special delivery! you're a good friend!

  3. I can see why your friend fell in love with the bowl Janey, the colours and design are fabulous.