Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Memorial Library

This tiny library sits on a side street in an older section of the city of Ft. Worth. It is actually a memorial to Amrita Shlacher (1949-2011) an Indian born storyteller who worked tirelessly to widen children's cultural horizons through multicultural programs at local schools and museums. You are encouraged to take a book...or leave a book.

* I am back! ...not sure anyone is still with me. Still wearing my funny shoe and am supposed to stay off of my feet as much a possible....but I hope to be out and about taking pictures when I can.

We also received the preliminary drawings for our new home today....we are underway!


  1. i've seen those cute libraries in articles before. i think it's a neat thing if you live in a populated area.

    and yay on the new home plans!

  2. That is nice such a small library in the open air.
    Glad you are a bit on your feet again again,don't hurry too much.

  3. These small libraries are all over St. Paul; I've left a few books and also picked up a couple good one.