Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Texas is in Bloom

If you ever come to Texas, the first two weeks of April is when our wild flowers bloom along our fields and highways. This is our state flower...the Bluebonnet.
My husband Tom is usually agreeable and will pull off of the road when I see something blog worthy!

Looks like an idyllic field, actually is was the strip of land between the highway and the Walmart Distribution center....but I think it looks a whole lot better in April! Thank goodness for the cropping tool on my photo site!

* News Flash! Remember me whining about the lot we lost...Well, the deal fell through and it is now OURS! So excited. We will now be able to build the free standing, zero property line, master down, large kitchen, formal dining room that we want.It is in a close in, desired neighborhood (no pawn shops) near the Culture District and one block off of a wonderful street full of coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants we can walk to. I hope this doesn't sound like bragging. I am just so happy!


  1. What great news - it will be interesting to follow your journey.

  2. i was truly hoping for that! when you were disappointed that someone else snagged it up before you, i kept thinking, 'maybe they won't get financing'. that's what happened here at run*a*round. we had to wait and fret for the other people to miss their 'closing' date twice because they couldn't secure financing before the sellers FINALLY took our contract! (one of the reasons we named it run*a*round...)

  3. Well, you see, we our couch and you your own home!
    Lucky for you, love the blue bonnets.

  4. The flowers take my breath away@

  5. Pretty bluebonnets. Makes me think of Benham for some reason, which makes me think of Blue Bell? I better go eat dinner before I go straight to dessert!

  6. Brilliant news about the land Janey..and oh my that's the first time I've seen a field of Bluebonnets..such a stunning sight.